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Session Slides

KEYNOTE - On the Pirate Party Rickard Falkvinge
KEYNOTE - Women in Open Source Angela Byron
Open Messaging on the Open Internet David Ascher
Openness in the Era of Social Web Chris Messina
The Future of Web Applications Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer
On Vancouver's Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source Initiative Andrea Reimer and David Eaves
Sinatra Blake Mizerany
Tor: Anonymous Communications for the Dept. of Defense... and You Jacob Appelbaum
Drupal: Under the Hood Angela Byron
Squinty Eyes John Boxall
The Smart Platform James A. Duncan
"How Did Other Organizations Incorporate the Principles of Open Source, Data and Standards into an Existing IT Structure?" Workshop with City of Vancouver Shari Wallace, Director, IT, City of Vancouver
Open Source Business Liza Kindred
Open Data and Semantic Web Community Barn Raising Boris Mann
Sometimes You Need to Rewrite the Code... Karoly Negyesi
Identi.ca: Open Source Microblogging with Laconica Evan Prodromou
Performance Tuning MySQL Morgan Tocker
Powering the Open Web with Drupal James Walker
Javascript Mobile Development using PhoneGap - I Can't Believe it's Not Native! Brock Whitten
A8Ning - Open Web Testing Luke Closs
Hacking with Android: A Gateway to the Open Mobile Web Joe Bowser
From Community to Municipal Hall. Bowen Island: the Development of Web Based Tools for Citizen Engagement. J. Dumbrille, S. Cole, P. Rawsthorne, M. Groen
Open Web / Open Mind - Meditation in a Connected World Keith Grennan
What does Green Building have to do with Software Development? Kalin Harvey / Brenda Martens
The Mobile Web and the Public Sphere: Challenges and Affordances Jean Hébert
Open Books, Open Minds, Open Source Djun Kim, Ph.D.
How and Why to Extend Firefox in Javascript (and Thunderbird, Komodo, and Songbird) Graham King
Documenting Dissent Franklin López
Cross Domain Web Mashups with JQuery and Google App Engine Andy McKay
Collapsonomics 101 - Finding Opportunity Amidst The Chaos Scott Nelson
Breaking Vancity's Digital Divide Irwin Oostindie
Sita Sings the Blues - a Look at Copyleft in the Field Kaitlin Duck Sherwood
Building Castles in the Clouds Drew Smith
Tum Tum: Glorious Explorations of Open Web Technologies, for Make Benefit Freedom of Salmon Fish Nation Tum Tum, the Friendly Salmon
Crafting Better Open Source User Experiences Rick Vugteveen
Momentum Magazine and the Open Web Wendell Challenger and Amy Walker
Hackerspaces: Making, Sharing, Hacking and Doing Things Joe Bowser and other members of VHS

If you are a speaker, or have a pdf of a speaker's slides, please forward them to us. We'll add them to this page. Thanks!

Also, you may want to check slideshare.net. Chris Messina's slides, for example, are here (flash format).