Open Messaging on the Open Internet

It seems clear that an open web requires standards like HTML and HTTP. It also seems clear, especially in areas like messaging, that layout and transport protocols are not enough to ensure the values that make the web open: interoperability, ability to evolve, hackability, and user control. What else do we need to promote and protect the values that have made the web such a thriving environment? What can we do about it?

At Mozilla, we've been spending some time exploring these issues, and thinking about what we can do to promote open messaging. In my talk, I'll talk about the evolution of messaging on the net, recent developments, both exciting and worrisome, and where we see opportunities to make the web a better place.

Headshot Photo: 
David Ascher

David is the CEO of Mozilla Messaging, the Mozilla organization focused on the messaging aspects of Mozilla's mission to promote the open internet. As such, David is involved both in the development of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, and in a range of conversations about messaging on the web.