Javascript Mobile Development using PhoneGap - I Can't Believe it's Not Native!

Brock Whitten, is a returning speaker to Open Web Vancouver. Brock is Co-Founder of the PhoneGap project and is going to give an in depth overview of the award winning framework PhoneGap.

PhoneGap is an open source development tool for building fast, easy mobile apps with JavaScript. PhoneGap exposes Geolocation, Accelerometer, Vibration, Sound, and Contact support for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry using the HTML5 spec. In this talk you will learn:

* How to get started with PhoneGap
* How to quickly and easily convert web applications to a mobile app.
* How to overcome cross-device barriers
* How to access core device functions such as GeoLocation and Accelerometer

The Barrier of entry for building mobile applications has never been lower. There are over 50 known applications in the Apple App Store that are built on the PhoneGap framework.

Headshot Photo: 
Brock Whitten

Brock is a software developer at Nitobi. He loves Ruby and is very passionate about the mobile web. Brock is the maintainer and one of the brains behind the PhoneGap project.